Many women have a very oily complexion and, in case you are one of them, you probably wonder: what is the best makeup for oily skin? The problem with makeup is that it rarely stays on oily skin and, during the day, it tends to taser, fall or lose color and shine. Therefore, if you do not choose the best products for oily skin, your makeup will be negligent and not professional. With this type of skin, you need to pay a lot of attention to choosing qualitative products for your specific skin problems.

It’s hard to make makeup on oily skin and problems do not stop there. Grasse skin usually implies acne, dilated pores and excessive shine. If you put the wrong makeup, these problems could aggravate. However, using quality care and quality makeup care products, you will succeed in hiding your faults and watching beautiful throughout the day.

What is the best makeup for oily skin? The one that begins with the appropriate cleaning and the preparation of the skin.

Cleaning the skin properly before applying makeup is extremely important so that the makeup resembles right and stay. Use an exfoliating scrub to eliminate dead cells from the skin surface, clean the pores to prevent acne and eliminate excess oil to facilitate makeup application. The best idea would be to choose an exfoliant cleaning product containing salicylic acid because this substance is fighting against acne and maintains clean and cool skin. Another thing you need to remember is not touching your face with your hands when you clean it because it will become that your skin becomes petroleum. Use a cotton buffer instead.

Before finding the answer to the question “What is the best makeup for oily skin?” You must use two additional products to prepare your skin: a toner and moisturizer. Toners clean the skin very well and also give a feeling of freshness and comfort. But if the skin is so greasy, why should you use a moisturizer? It is true that the use of bad moisturizer could make your face and brighter face look like. However, a moisturizer for oily skin is needed to help the skin look young and healthy. and facilitate the demand for makeup.

What is the best makeup for oily skin? Makeup that includes a matte matte foundation /

No matter how much your makeup products are expensive or qualitative, if you do not use a professional foundation, your makeup will not look on the right and will not resist throughout the day. The Foundation not only sees the tone of the skin and hides imperfections, but it is also the basis on which a shadow and redness of the eyelids will be applied. Choose a compact mineral foundation for oily skin and apply it on your face and neck with cotton cotton. Make sure the color of the foundation is a tone a tone that your skin, because oily skin darkens the foundation over time. Avoid brilliant, liquid or dark foundations because they will only worsen.

Makeup that uses pressed powder.

After the foundation, a mate pressed powder for oily skin should be applied to prevent excess oil and keep everything in place. Apply the powder with a cotton buffer with pressing movements. Make sure you do not maculate or weaken your foundation as you do. You can reapply the powder during the day to avoid brilliance.

Solid makeup.

The basic rule for great makeup is to avoid liquid products; In short, you should not use liquid eye shadow, eye lining or blushing. Use a light powder roller, pressed, solid eye shadow and waterproof mascara. If you applied the base of the base, the makeup should remain in its place and look fresh until the end of the day.

Women with shiny skin should always buy products specially designed for their skin type. Because oily skin poses more problems than other types of skin, using qualitative and professional make-up products is a must. In addition, keeping the skin clean and fresh throughout the day could minimize problems and prevent acne. Hope