Most leaders know they need to educate their people and the fastest way to get out of poverty would be to make sure everyone can read and write basic mathematics. Having an educated workforce also gives the nation, a nation, a much better chance to economic success. Now, I would like to discuss some thoughts about it if I could, and if you have 2 minutes to read this article.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on December 3, 2011. The article spoke in a different way to look at the quotas of diversity in American universities. Apparently, the Obama administration attempts to resolve the challenges that have not worked as well as expected. Yes, it is important to have an educated population and it is often said that an educated electorate provides better voting decisions and therefore better choices of those who will say the affairs of the state and our government.

Having well educated employees for businesses and small businesses is just as important. This means better productivity and global civilization running. Reaching and maintaining the higher education of the mass is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, it’s one of the things that the opportunity is worried around the world, but they should also. In many Middle East countries, illiteracy rates are extremely high and cause serious challenges for civilization flows and a free society.

Nevertheless, simply educating the masses may not be the solution unless people are educated for the jobs they will take in the future. In fact, China recently stated in its new 12-year-old plan that it was going to cut degrees programs in colleges and universities and cease to give diplomas for the career and jobs they did not believe would exist. the future, or who do not. exists now. In Saudi Arabia, as well as in Ireland, they have made incredible gains in the number of people educated in college.

Nevertheless, without a strong economy and enough jobs, it does not do much good. Yes, it is better that not to have educated people, but it is a tremendous burden on the state of managing these colleges and universities in times of economic decline, demographic changes or economic uncertainty. The objective of achieving and maintaining mass higher education may seem worthy and a good overall idea, however, that the objective of the objective of the economic reality or a future economic plan for this particular nation-might could be lower than that of benefits. assumed.

If we want to achieve and also to support higher education of the masses around the world, we need to do interesting learning. And simply pumping information in brains of all young people is more like a brainwashing than to teach people to think. Brainwashing The electorate or the population in the name of education is probably the wrong way to play it over time. We must make the subjects interesting and allow the individual’s curiosity to propel their own interest in continuing to learn and enjoy the education process.