Children of special education, especially those with autism, really need an individual education, or no more than five people per teacher. More than that and it’s about an episode of child care, rather than any significant education. Teacher aids can help and volunteers in a special education class are a good thing, but the teacher’s aid should also be trained to deal with children in special education, who should be treated differently and of appropriate way.

Of course, this causes conflicts with parents of ordinary children in ordinary classrooms, as you need a huge amount of budget funds in ED special programs. Currently, as you know the school districts around the nation cutting as much as they know how to save costs. Each school district must cut as much as possible because many states are almost bankrupt. In search of the federal government to help will probably not work, although federal mandates for non-child programs are part of the problem.

These children who have autism or have learning handicaps in Special Ed can become a long way if they get the right training, taught and teachers appropriate for this to happen. In the future, they can actually support themselves as adults. If we do not teach it properly, they become districts of the state after years. The reality of individual educational needs help, but do not forget that children in normal classes also need special attention when learning more technical aspects of the computer class.

It is unfortunate that special education courses and ordinary classes are opposed against each other, as well as parents are fighting on the budget of school board meetings. The reality is that individual education for special education is appropriate given the situation, but we must also understand that if we take all the money and throw it in particular to provide the unique support needed to teach correctly. These children, then the rest of the school will suffer.

If our schools can not teach our children correctly, our company as a whole will be in a dangerous danger in 20 years when these children are then responsible for managing society and civilization. Maybe you can see how important this question is and understand why we fail. If we do not answer these problems and we are too concerned by being politically correct, so no side will win, and everyone loses. It is time to take a realistic approach to real costs and funds available for our education system, or we will not have. Please consider all this.