Reactions and Ideas

Revolution: a tool, not a religion

Common sense mind control

We will never move past the root

Gratitude, optimism, and a year in review

Killers and kings

We should reframe social media

Minarchy: Arrangement #2

What conspiracies are worth believing?

Minarchy: Arrangement #1

Shameless exploitation of the mid-Western brand

The Capital Theory of Voting

Seriously people, the enlightenment was a good thing

The language barrier around rights

A new age of self-determination

Heinlein and the flexibility of government

Why “minarchy?” A primer to the brand.

What is the nature of freedom?

What is the root of solidarity?

State enforced culture and civil wars

Congress should nominate the cabinet

What is the role of the Liberty Movement in the culture wars?

Gene editing, miracles, and bureaucratic decision-making

Make Reality TV Great Again

My Modest Proposal

The Shaping: Heinlein

How much fuel do you have?

A Polite Society

Drop dollars, not bombs

There is only one way to MAGA now

The Shaping: George Washington

The Shaping: Martin Luther

God is a Libertarian

The “Right” Victimhood


Lahren and the Coulter Culture

“Reclaiming” Liberalism

Judicial Precedents Do More Harm Than Good

Russia, Evil, and Morality Beyond the Script

Walker and the Return of Federalism

The Primacy of Ideas

The times are a changin

America and Extra-Judicial Murder


Electoral Stances and Paradigm Shifts


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