Revolution: a tool, not a religion

Death is political

We will never move past the root

Ostracism, entitlement, and due process

Arabia all told

Reality check on the American system

The real scope of Clinton influence

The coming Verification Wars

Musk’s creeping corporations

The Proportion Problem

The Chicago soda party

(B)Rand Paul is back at it again

Utopianism is a hell of a drug

The cowardice of a governor

Utopianism is a hell of a drug

Make Reality TV Great Again

Cory Booker, shifting norms or millennial pandering?

The PEFA conspiracy uncovered

Don and Steve’s jingoist adventure

Libertarian friends and conservative opponents

What’s done in the dark

The Democrats districting problem

A hand overplayed

What if there really is nothing to find?

Treason! Nixon! Impeach!

In the Heat of the Moment

Le Pen at the En(d)

Police Action and Globo-Cop

“We’re On To Tax Reform”

Incrementalism, Conviction, and The Big Freak Out

The Smiting Right-Hand of the SCOTUS

The Media’s (ir)Responsibilities

Pharisees Redux

The times are a changin

Their Words Matter

Electoral Stances and Paradigm Shifts


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