Worldwide there are dozens of different card games but one of the most popular card games played throughout the world is poker. Poker began centuries ago but the date was definitely lost on the time trip. But one fact is clear, in less than two hundred years poker has changed radically. Why is that? Well there are two main reasons. First, two centuries ago Poker was mostly played by cheats and criminals to win easy money. In the world today poker has developed into a well-known sport played by the same professionals with athletes and movie stars. Second, the invention of the internet has revolutionized everything, including poker. Know that you can play poker with the comfort of your home instead of a casino that is too crowded.

Although poker is known throughout the world the most popular in u.s.a, where he was born for centuries ago. From the beginning of the poker was made to be a challenging game and even though this fact had not changed, today there are two different types of poker. “Fun” poker, as suggested, played for the fun of the game. This “pleasant” poker is mostly played as a past with family and friends. The same rule applies as the original poker but because it is played for the fun of rules it can change a little to satisfy each player individually. The second type of poker is a sports poker. This poker plays with money to other players. Consequently the rules must be bera and in any circumstances they will change

Poker began as one match, but for years Poker has evolved into different variations. Here I will only mention twelve variations; Omaha Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, five card studs, seven card studs, poker jokers, let go up and let rid of bonuses, double vegas action, caribbean poker stud, pineapple hold’em high -low split, and crazy High-low Pineapple Hold’em. Among these variations the most popular is Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha Hold’em.

As mentioned earlier, in this era you can play poker in a few seconds, forget traveling. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and if you play poker sports, credit cards. There are dozens of poker playing rooms on the internet where you can play with people located half of the world! Do you remember the twelve variations of poker that I mentioned before? Well, if you play poker on the internet you can forget this number because there are many variations of poker on the internet, not to mention you can play fun poker and sports in dozens of different sites on the internet. Therefore, chances are you will never get bored with poker!

Although initially the game to win money quickly and easily, poker is now a game that is enjoyed by people from various ages and various countries. It can be played with friends, family or people you have never met located around the world. So why not play a good long poker game with a friend or on the internet?