Many women feel vulnerable without their makeup using it to hide imperfections and highlight their best features. We all have an inherent beauty using makeup, we can work to focus on our features, whether it’s eyes, lips or eyebrows that can really make a difference to your trust. In the end, the clever use of smart make-up techniques draws attention to our features, helping to completely transform your face.

Preparation: Before starting your beauty routine, you must completely prepare the skin to create a transparent finish. The skin must first be thoroughly cleaned, tonic and hydrated that will help your makeup adhere to the skin more smoothly. Once the moisturizer is applied, the skin must rest for a few minutes before applying the base, so it has a chance to carefully absorb the moisturizer. Then blot all excesses with a fabric, otherwise if you apply your foundation immediately, your skin may seem spotted.

Primers: These formulations are sold for their skin smoothing properties because they contain silicones, helping your foundation to move more smoothly. It also woks to the excess of the surface of the skin surface is ideal for excessively fat skin types.

Companion is an important part of your makeup routine that should not be neglected. Your cache helps to prepare your base, correct all imperfections and discolorations. It is also an excellent tool to use to help lift and illuminate the skin. By simply using the corrector on the sides of the nose, between the eyebrows and at the top of the cheekbones, this will help give the dimension of the face. Always make sure you mix your corrector in good, helping to create this flawless finish.

Foundation: This is the ideal makeup tool that can help you simulate a flawless finish. As a general rule, if you have a salt complex that has to many yellow shades, you should look for a foundation base that has lavender shades. However, if your skin has more red tones and you will easily become, a Beige Pinky base with a cool base will work perfectly to neutralize some of the high skin color.

Highlighter: illuminating the face with light can help give the skin a special brightness. Use the highlighter on the front area that is one to two lighter nuances that your Foundation helps to get your eyes out.

Bronzers: These are big makeup kits that will give the skin that the tan tan has embraced, helping to give your face dimension and improve your bone structure. When you think about where to apply your bronzer does not fall into the error to apply it everywhere in the face, because it would completely look like a little natural. Think of places where the sun naturally hits your face as on the bridge of your nose, your hair and your neck and be sure to mix it in your neck and on your neckline to avoid a color contrast with your skin.

Powers: A classic makeup application requires a powder after the foundation. A fine brushing of the translucent powder is all that is needed to define your makeup in place and any excess should be dusted. As general guidance, less powder than you accumulate on your face, the less you will look for.

If there is a golden rule to take into account in order to complete your makeup look, it is to make sure everything is perfectly mixed to avoid the mandate that can be obvious with a seriously applied makeup. By mixing any set with a brush will prevent your makeup from sitting on your skin, creating a transparent finish.