What should be a basic kitchen task, cook rice makes many frustrated chefs. Make the perfect fine rice pot, with each different seeds, it can be complicated. Knowing some simple secrets, will ensure the desired results. For example, using the right amount of water, the right heat, the right closing and post-cooking break period are just a few tricks that will help.

The following is a list of tip and the main tricks to get perfect results.

1. Always rinse the rice well in cold water. There are two reasons to rinse … 1. Some companies use Talc as a grinding assistance and should not be digested. 2 … Flushing removes starch that causes sticky.

2. Be sure to rest the rice after you release it from the stove. This will allow moisture to distribute back for more uniform textures. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. Gently burning rice with a fork before serving.

3. Make sure you use the right rice for the results you want. For example: if you want a smooth texture with separate grains, use long granules varieties.

4. Make sure you use the right rice ratio to the water. The normal ratio is … 1: 2 … one part of rice to two parts of the water. Here are a few tricks for softer texture … Use a little less water than the recipe.

5. For more flavourful rice, use chicken broth, cow stock or vegetable stock when cooking. Adding one tablespoon of butter also provides an additional taste.

6. Don’t lift the lid. Lift the lid will release steam and disrupt the cooking process.

7. Be full of adventures … Try your rice dishes like you cook pasta … Bring boiling water, add rice and cook until the rice has a bit of a bite for it. Drain in the filter and return to hot pots and cover (from heat). Let stand for a few minutes to steam.

8. Remember, various types of rice will provide different results. Again, make sure you use the right rice for the results you want. Don’t expect to get a hairy consistency of short-grained rice like Arborio.

Various types of rice:

Melati rice has long grains and not sticky.

Red rice takes longer to cook than polished white rice and as a longer cooking time.

Arborio is a type of rice that absorbs the taste well and has a cream texture.

Shorter rice rice is a sticker and used to make things like sushi or rice pudding.

Medium and long-grained rice is everyday rice. You can steam, cook it with a rice cooker or microwave. It’s hairy texture when cooked correctly.