Most of us want to eat healthier meals. Many people believe that it means you have to eat tasting food fault, but this is no longer the case. With as many cookbooks and tips available today, any home cook can start preparing healthier foods in a short time. Let’s take a look at the way you can start eat healthier today.

The healthy cooking key is to choose the right foods to prepare. You can always use your favorite recipe and modify it with healthier ingredients without giving up the taste. Just look at where you can get out of fat and reduce calories.

For those of you who do not cook inclined, you can even use restaurant foods and simply modify some of the ingredients. Add healthier dressings, sauce and other seasonings. Remove some fat cheeses.

Cook healthier foods does not always mean eating raw vegetables. Baking healthier food involves combining a mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your food. This makes no difference how they are prepared.


Make sure you use reduced fat dairy products and always buy meat meats when cooking meat dishes. When buying hamburger, you will be better with an extra lean instead of regular hamburger meat. Cooking foods like fish will give you the good food fats that your body needs. It can be said that the same with eating nuts, olives and other seeds.

When cooking food in a skillet, do not doubt it with the oil. If you need to use cooking oil, try using olive oil. You can also apply oil with a brush or use a cooking spray to prevent you from going crazy about the oil. This prevents fat in the oil soak in your food.

You will hear that some cooking experts tell you to substitute other types of liquids for oil. Maybe use water and even fruit juices to reduce fat. Another advice to help reduce fat in your diet is to use vinegar and salsa, instead of butter or cream on your food.


Crus vegetables such as carrots contain essential nutrients needed for your body to maintain good health. Cook your vegetables will not eliminate these vitamins and minerals if cooked properly. Do not boil or fry your vegetables too long. You want vitamins and minerals to remain locked. Try never soaking your vegetables in water. Many types of vegetables will free their minerals when they are soaked for too long.