Revolution: a tool, not a religion

Every nation around the world has its own origin myths. They all have the stories that bind them together like Plato's Republic. I am only a citizen of the United States. I can not speak to the tales of foreign lands. Here in these United States though, the lynchpin of our tales is the heroic... Continue Reading →


Common sense mind control

You've all heard, I'd go so far as to say you all have your own opinions already formed. In case you had somehow not heard however, there was a school shooting in Florida. With the way the media covers them, you could be forgiven for thinking they are a growing phenomenon in our country. Through... Continue Reading →

Death is political

We all know that the year of Our Lord 2017 has been quite hysterical, to say the least. It has not slowed down as the year itself has started winding down. It has been weird, stressful, and irritating. It has not gotten any better with the latest absurd faux outrage. What exactly am I rambling... Continue Reading →

We will never move past the root

As we should all already know, libertarians of any sort are a very contentious bunch. We only rarely agree with each other. We almost never agree with the Left or the Right. There are a great many factions, branches, and camps under the libertarian banner much like any other political movement. Prominent among these branches... Continue Reading →

Killers and kings

Netflix released season one of their live-action Punisher television show last week. The world was ablaze with reviews of it. Many of these reviews were absolute hot garbage. The show itself was pretty enjoyable. As it turns out Frank Castle is a deeply misunderstood character. I am not here to offer you a review. My... Continue Reading →

We should reframe social media

Social media companies have over the past several months been stepping up enforcement of their terms and services. This has been overtly politicized and everybody already knows it. We have known this from the beginning. The Proglodytes have begun taking measures to insulate themselves online from the cultural right wing and we are slowly beginning... Continue Reading →

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