Cooking with a Dutch oven has many advantages; It is so versatile that you can basically make all your kitchen in an easy to use pot. He has high thick walls that even promote heating. In this way, you get food perfectly cooked every time. You can make delicious stews and soups, perfect for a camping trip or an outdoor night. You will also be able to cook delicious cakes and even crisp fried chicken fry. There is nothing impossible with this unique invention. There are two ways to use this type of cast iron pot. First, you can cook food directly at the bottom of the pot. This is perfect for frying and other general cooking methods. Second, you can cook your soups and stews (even roast) inside the pot.

When using your Dutch oven, the key controls the temperature. The cast iron tends to retain heat for long periods. This means that if you get your pot too hot, you may not be able to control it. While you have the opportunity to cook on an open fire, it is always better to use coal or briquettes. In this way, you can throw the additional parts in case the pot gets too hot. You are likely to finish by burning your food if you leave the temperature increase. An open flame is suitable for soups and stews, but not for fried and others.

Dutch ovens tend to be too hot. That’s why you need a pair of gloves so you can transport it from one place to another. You will need fire manipulation gloves, but work gloves will also turn around. These are particularly practical when working outside in the campfire. Leather is always the best material when it comes to gloves, preferably with an insulation lining inside. This perfectly protects your hands from heat and flames. If you cook outside, you may want to bring a shovel with you. This allows you to spark embers or briquettes. You will also be able to facilitate the support of parts because some cooking methods require you to place them directly on the pot.

Dutch ovens are generally made of cast iron. This gives the oven a lot of durability. If neat properly, it can last generations to come. If you buy them new, they will come with a thin layer of protective coating. You will have to wash that. It is normal to use a piece of steel wool for this work, but for future cleaning, you should only use hot water and a soft sponge. Once everything is removed, you will then have to wipe the inside with a thin layer of grease or oil. It must be cooked inside a very hot oven for about an hour because it’s called seasoning your pot. Let the Dutch oven cool completely and you will be ready to cook in no time.