With poker being played in virtually every corner of the earth, there are now professional poker tournaments and professional poker circuits (such as the World Poker Series) in which professional poker players foss their minds and their chips One against others for the price of money and the rights that boast like the best world. If you are looking to be one of these players or just looking for a nice time, you’d better learn poker, one of the most enjoyable card games. It is relatively easy to learn and once you have had the suspension, you will play like a professional in no time.

There are many arguments and theories about where and when poker is from. A number of authorities, including the Game Historian David Parlett, believe that poker is from different games such as the French games Pack and Brelan, the German pocket and Primero Spanish (or Italian). On the other hand, according to the book “a world of chance: bet on religion, the games, Wall Street” by G. Brenner and A. Brown, the unique character of poker lies in its structure of Paris, which is absent from One of his supposed ancestors, doing poker a unique game in itself.

No matter the origin or history, the poker game has, it is certain that to be a game of leisure cards, it is today one of the most famous card games on the planet and is appreciated by millions of people around the world. To become one of these millions, you must first learn poker.

Poker tips and tricks can be obtained from long-standing players. These players are everywhere and they will also be able to teach you the different variations of poker and the fundamental things you need to know even before you can not even take your first hand or place a bet. First, poker is a game played using a typical cards set of 52 pieces. Each player is distributed a specific number of cards according to the type of game. For example, in the Texas Hold ’em poker, a player is distributed two cards by hand, while in the typical version of Stud Poker, A player is treated three.

The different variations of the game will not mean that you will be confused if you learn to learn to play poker. Indeed, the differences between the different types of poker games concern only elements such that the number of cards initially treated on the reader, the structures of Paris and the sorting. Basically, learning to play a variation of poker will give you an idea of ​​how others are played.

Learning other poker players is not the only way to learn to play poker. You can watch television tournaments, you can read books and another literature on the subject, or you can even go online and watch websites offering poker tutorials for beginners. Whatever the source, you can be sure when you start playing, you will have the time of your life to play poker.