Revolution: a tool, not a religion

Every nation around the world has its own origin myths. They all have the stories that bind them together like Plato’s Republic. I am only a citizen of the United States. I can not speak to the tales of foreign lands. Here in these United States though, the lynchpin of our tales is the heroic archetype of the freedom fighter. We are told that as a nation we were born by throwing off the chains of English oppression. I tend to buy into this, but whether you do or not is beside the point. It is beside the point because whether or not that was the reality of the situation, it has become ingrained in our blood. It is part of the American essence.

This desire to fight for freedom and for the rights due to us by “nature and nature’s God” has given us a disposition to metaphorical and literal revolution. I say metaphorically with great intention. Here in the United States, we have seen many waves of evangelical revivalism and this comes with its own form of revolution. A theological movement that is called millenarianism. This is the belief that the end of times is imminent and that we must immediately repent of our sins and prepare for the final battle against Satan which will accompany our ultimate salvation.

Our religions have changed over time in America. We are no longer a nation that respects churches of any kind. Instead, we are now a nation that worships our government and our political ideologies. Millenarianism is still present in these new religions.  It is the panic marketing. It is the outrage marketing. It is the idea that the next time the other team takes control will be the last time power is exchanged. This has led to the embedding of a mentality that we must at all times be ready for our next revolution.

This readiness for revolution leads to a dogmatic dedication to revolution itself.  The only answer is the next protest. The only answer is an uprising.

Sometimes this is even right. Sometimes it is the only answer. Some things are just too resistant to reformation. This doctrine, this article of faith, however, has obscured the most important point about revolution.

The most important point is that sometimes revolution is the only answer. It is not just an item of faith. It is a tool available to us and to all other free peoples of the world. There will be and in fact already are times when we must not be afraid to take it down off its pedestal, stop talking about it, and actually exercise its use to our benefit. All the talk and prayers in the world will do you no good if you are afraid to act.

The Bill of Rights does not exist for our lip service. Instead, they exist to guarantee our ability to act on this instinct of rebelliousness.

The State is the entity that forged this church of America. It is the malicious government that has insisted that these documents and ideas are nothing more than the founding myth to be trotted out as needed for its own ends. This mythologizing was created to keep us from seeing them as the tools that they are.

Never forget your right to act and secure your own freedom. These are not just words on paper. They are the means to achieve the free society of our now sainted forefathers. Your patriotism is nothing more than idolatry until you reach the point you are able to say that enough is enough and that you are ready to practice what Americans have always preached.


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