Common sense mind control

You’ve all heard, I’d go so far as to say you all have your own opinions already formed. In case you had somehow not heard however, there was a school shooting in Florida. With the way the media covers them, you could be forgiven for thinking they are a growing phenomenon in our country. Through the aftermath of this truly horrific event, we have seen the same takes that we always see. Gun control now! They will yell forever into the void. Predictably it hasn’t really gained any traction. It never will here in the US. The problem here in the US is not a lack of gun control it is an overabundance of mind control.

This is not a conspiracy post. This is not me ranting and raving about the New World Order. This is us needing to acknowledge that the real problem with schools and school shootings in the US is the fact that public schools exist at all. Bear with me here. Public schools have provided no real value to us as a society and are now actively endangering our children. They are pens for our future generations, where they sit and rot, gaining nothing but talking points, and waiting to be victimized an entirely forgettable string of mentally ill monsters.

Leaving our schools as they are is no longer an option. We have over many generations now been convinced that the government must run our schools. This is based on nothing other than the political class decided it should be so. In their typical fashion however they will not upon seeing evidence cede any power back. Instead, they beat the drum that with just a little more power they could solve this problem. Every single lesson reinforcing this central point, the government is not powerful enough. It can give you the safety you lack but only if you will continue to empower it.

Conservatives have to their credit tried to fight this narrative. They will contend that we don’t need a more controlling government. Rather we need to allow qualified teachers to carry arms in schools. This can be nothing more than a stop gap. If allowed to happen it will be only a matter of time before this leads to some tragic accident and the calls for gun control will resume. This same thought and theory can and should be applied to mandatory armed guards at schools. Their presence at some schools haven’t stopped calls for gun control, why should their mandatory presence?

There is only one reasonable solution and that is the dissolution of the public education system in the United States. This will save costs. This will save lives. This will most importantly free the minds of our children from the fear of each other and the control of an uncaring State. The government is incapable of production. It can’t teach. It can’t protect. It is not capable of anything except violence and murder. Until we take this lesson into our hearts, schools will not be safe. They will be fish barrels.  We don’t need more common sense gun control, we need less common sense mind control.


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