The real scope of Clinton influence

It has long been a claim in American politics that Bill and Hillary Clinton own the Democratic Party. With an exception made for Barack Obama, it is seen as a vehicle almost solely for their ambitions. While it has not always been treated seriously, at a fundamental level people have always more or less understood this. There has never up to this point been proof of this phenomenon. We now however finally have the proof that makes this self-evident truth verifiable with fact. Today Donna Brazille wrote an op-ed for Politico that can no longer leave any doubt, that the Democratic party is the thrall of the Clinton organization.

During the final push of the primary season in 2016, there arose a great and all-consuming controversy on the Democratic side of it. A great many grassroots Democratic activists and “true progressive” types despised Hillary Clinton. They wanted nothing to do with her whatsoever. They recruited and were pushing for the independent democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. These Bernie supporters brought huge amounts of energy and willing activism into play. They barnstormed across the nation for their man. Oddly, it never seemed to do much good regardless of where they went. This is where the controversy arose when the Bernie supporters began to make accusations of election fixing in the primaries against Hillary and the hated “establishment” of the Democratic Party.

As these accusations began rocking the boat of the party like a tempest, the chairwoman at the time was forced to step down. This was when Donna stepped in as chairwoman in the interim. This is when she discovered the real truth of how Bernie got jobbed. As it turns out they weren’t fixing the primaries. As it turns out the Clinton campaign had almost literally purchased the Democratic National Committee.

What Donna discovered in her investigation of the primary controversy is almost absurd on its face. It seems totally implausible. As it turns out the DNC, which is to say the actual party apparatus itself, was millions of dollars in debt with virtually no funding raising ability itself. It was at this point that the Clinton campaign in exchange for a contract in the form of their “joint fund-raising agreement” the Clinton campaign agreed to funnel its money to the DNC in exchange for a nearly universal veto on DNC actions and decisions. Hillary didn’t need to rig the primaries. All she had to do was buy the party.

What does this say about Clinton influence in Democratic politics? This says that no matter how badly they might want to, the Democrats can’t afford to be done with the Clinton family until they have their own fiscal house in order. If they do not get their ledgers fixed, there is no reason that Hillary couldn’t conceivably do this again. Especially true with Tom Perez running the DNC in its current incarnation. Its been frequently remarked that money is power, and this is proving just how true the turn of phrase can hold.

The Democrats need to do this too. If they don’t stabilize their bleeding it will be Chelsea’s show a couple of election cycle’s from now. Does anybody actually want that? I have never heard anyone advance that opinion, but when you control the figurative purse strings like the Clintons do you will always get to pick the winners. That’s just the reality. That also isn’t good for anyone except the Clintons. Democrats, we know that you love to be ruled. It’s in your brand, and it’s baked into your brand. For the love of God though throw some money directly to the DNC! You have literal owners in a way that the Bush family can only dream about! Throw off your chains, nominate your proglodytes, and please exercise the freedom to lose your own way!


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