What conspiracies are worth believing?

If you follow me on twitter or have some how had to occasion to might me offline you’ll know that I enjoy a good chat about conspiracy theory. Recently I have been indulging things related to the Mandela Effect, or strange collective false memories in our culture. I want to make clear here up front though that I do not believe very many conspiracy theories. They are really more than anything a fun speculative way to flex the imagination and to explore the fantastic, as opposed to having it spoon fed to you by your television or a video game.

So is there a case to make that a conspiracy theory could ever be true? I do thing that there are. There is a great lot of quackery out there just by requirement of the subjects that they delve in, but to instantly discredit them all would be a mistake and an indulgence of propaganda. The idea that we are not being told the entire story is not at all implausible. So with this in mind lets talk a little bit about the nature of conspiracy, how it is treated, and what makes one worth believing.

What is the exact nature of conspiracy? The American Heritage dictionary defines it as a noun in three parts. “An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act. A group of conspirators. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.” When spoken about mechanistically like this it actually seems extremely common, and we might in fact have all participated in a conspiracy at some point in our lives. But that certainly isn’t what we mean when we talk about conspiracy unless we are speaking in strictly legal terms. So what do we mean then? Let’s break it down into it’s pop culture component parts.

It must by its nature be contrary to the popular narrative. Think about it. The moment they gain credence then nobody is calling it conspiracy anymore. If the popular press won’t touch it’s a good start. If only a few tabloids mock it that is an even better one. It’s speculation must be shunned as crazy by the mainstream of everything. Conspiracy and conspiracy theory can only exist on the fringe. It must be spoken about only on frenzied blogs of the internet, or consigned to the late night radio that we secretly love so much.

It must be the work of some shadowy, not readily apparent cabal of power brokers. It is not the congress. It is not the courts. Rather it is the leadership of the intelligence services, or it is the CEOs of huge multinational corporations some like to contend that they are the work of powerful extra-terrestrial even extra-dimensional beings. These are the ones who work in the dark where we supposedly can not see them, except of course the whistle blowers and brilliant patriots who expose them of course.

These conspiracies must be about wealth or power this applies even to the legal ones. If you ask an expert you will find out that they are exclusively about obtaining world changing amounts of wealth or accumulating enough power to command the world’s public leaders as the conspirators see fit. This can be about the control of markets, the manipulation of currency, it’s direct acquisition, assassination, or blackmail. It doesn’t matter so much as long as it enables global, or at least pan regional control. This plays into the above, as only these sort of people have the kind of necessary ambition and means to do this.

Finally there should be a healthy amount of absurd or misunderstood technology and policy involved to act as the impetus for discovering them.

Let me walk you through some of the big crazy ones, and see if you can pick out these themes. The idea that there are “thirteen families of the Illuminati” of alien descent that rule the world through the invention of banking and central banks. Related is the idea that we are “star seeded” and used for our labor by an alien race that created us. The government is covering up the existence of aliens for X, Y, or Z reason. The government is fluoridating the water, and adding soy to our food to make us compliant and unquestioning. The CIA is using LSD and other drugs to manipulate us into serving as patsies that won’t remember what they do.

Oh wait that last one is real. This is also why we need to remember to be critical and believe them when they are able to present real, actual, tangible evidence. If you have some how never heard of M.K. Ultra and its related sub groups then look them up because they were officially acknowledged. If I’m not mistaken Operation Mockingbird has also been officially acknowledged where at least back in the day if not still today the CIA planted people in media organizations as spies and narrative control mechanisms.

In closing I am not telling you to believe everything that you hear on Coast to Coast, Caravan to Midnight, or Ground Zero. What I am telling you is that organization theory always holds true. If any group can get away with expanding their power and influence than they will. Ambition is intrinsic in all human nature. Don’t trust theorists explicitly, but if you hear something that just might be maybe true don’t be afraid to look into it either. Finally always and I mean always vet your sources.


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