The Capital Theory of Voting

I am firmly entrenched on the Liberty Fringe of the political spectrum. I came to these views by the way of more mainstream conservative philosophies. Due to this background I have a much higher opinion of voting than most of my politically aligned peers. I have always known that the value of one individual vote is effectively zero. But the thing of it is, I never thought that I was picking my political leaders. No, the reason to vote isn’t because we pick our leaders this way. It is because voting is how politicians raise capital. Our good will, and their poll margins are like currency in their world.

We all know by now that both of the major parties in the United States actually favor big government openly or secretly. It should absolutely be noted that they favor big government their way however. They do in fact have different tastes in policy and on issues. “Blue Team” wants to directly nationalize anything and everything they can get away with. “Red Team” wants to use government to put civil society on the government dole and pretend that this is freedom. Both organizations favor war on their own terms. This is all to be expected. This is how every organization operates. It is literally called organization theory.

This is precisely where the Capital Theory of Voting comes in. We might not be able to actively control the Leviathan any more, this probably not controversial. But America has a revolutionary heritage, and this is incredibly important to the theory. This is important because the Leviathan knows this. The Leviathan has a fear of us in its blood, deep in its DNA. This is why we vote, it is a straw poll from the political class to see just how much they can get away with at a given time. If they win by huge margins, or ever accumulate a lead on the other team it gives them political capital, or the good will-ish social currency they need to expand the government in their favored directions.

It is not enough just not to vote, instead what we must do is show them that we actively disapprove of what they do. If they ask you if you approve you can say no and this really will negatively impact their ability to accomplish their goals because of the simple principle of self preservation. When we have head to head elections, we should strive for the margins to be as close as possible based on this same principle.

We can and we should deny politicians their capital. We are able to make them think that they can’t get away with their shenanigans and this is a worthy reason for anyone to vote. If they are going to steal their money, the least we can do is steal in return what passes for money in their realms.


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