Minarchy: Arrangement #2

There is a growing school of libertarians who are outright hostile to democracy. In recent years the face of this philosophy has been the now infamous Hans Hermann Hoppe. Their perspective is an entirely reasonable one. Even the founding fathers were deeply skeptical of the democratic process. They believed that unchecked democracy would lead to... Continue Reading →


What conspiracies are worth believing?

If you follow me on twitter or have some how had to occasion to might me offline you'll know that I enjoy a good chat about conspiracy theory. Recently I have been indulging things related to the Mandela Effect, or strange collective false memories in our culture. I want to make clear here up front... Continue Reading →

Minarchy: Arrangement #1

As obviated by the name, my brand is based on the idea of minarchy. This is the idea that anarchy is a functionally Utopian philosophy and that we should instead strive and work for the smallest possible government instead. One of the nice things about this school of thought is that is doesn't actually chain... Continue Reading →

The coming Verification Wars

I think it is fairly safe to assume that most of my readers are either on twitter or at least have an operating idea of how it works. In case you don't, I need to explain a couple of terms very quickly, as they are the opening premise for this post. There are broadly speaking... Continue Reading →

The Capital Theory of Voting

I am firmly entrenched on the Liberty Fringe of the political spectrum. I came to these views by the way of more mainstream conservative philosophies. Due to this background I have a much higher opinion of voting than most of my politically aligned peers. I have always known that the value of one individual vote... Continue Reading →

Musk’s creeping corporations

I have been a pretty ardent supporter of Elon Musk for quite some time now. He has been in my mind one of the finest examples of an ethical venture capitalist that our world has seen in some time now. Some people have signaled opposition to him for the amount of subsidy money that he... Continue Reading →

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