The Chicago soda party

There is a small kernel of truth in every meme and joke on the internet(Except the commie made ones). It is also rightly pointed out that our Founding Fathers, may they rest in peace, rebelled over tax rates that look absurdly low compared to the standards that we live under today. I think we as a people are a lot more passive today than we ever used to be and that is why we generally accept these tax rates and live with them the way that we do. The proglodytes of the early twentieth century also developed a trick to extract these absurd tax rates and their modern counterparts are beginning to forget it, and this gives me hope.

When the income and payroll taxes were instituted and then as they grew the big government supporters in both parties developed a wonderful mechanism for hiding their theft. They began taking the money before we ever got a chance to feel it in our wallets, and really understand what we could do if allowed to keep our own income. At the time this only helped so much as people still remembered it was their money in the first place. As time went on eventually leading to the modern day though it created a shift in perception and people outside of libertarian circles have begun to believe for some absurd reason that the government is actually entitled to this tax income. This is because they don’t directly feel the weight of this taxation.

It was this direct burden of transaction based taxation that so enraged the the Sons of Liberty and the other tax protesters that would become the American revolutionaries. Particularly among the business owning and importer class of these revolutionaries, they knew exactly what their taxes cost and because they had to directly surrender it after having received their money it stung them all the more.

The proglodytes and their tax entitled big government kin have forgotten this lesson however and have begun to redevelop a variety of silly and painful to pay direct taxes on consumers. Think about it, if you live in a “blue state” or even just a big city you are probably already paying at least one. This is what brings us to the topic of this post.

I live not far from the sprawling metropolis of Chicago. They are in the process of fighting over a “sugary beverage” tax down there. People are not happy about it either. In Illinois and specifically Chicago, where they already have some of the most absurd tax rates in the nation this is the one where people have begun drawing the line. Things like this, and the bag tax people have to suffer every single time they try to go to the store. This has people furious. They are figuratively up in arms. People from all across the political spectrum are making the kind of noise in Chicago that hasn’t been heard there for quite some time now.

I don’t think soda taxes here in the United States will be the impetus of our next revolution. If anything is a good bet to do so though this would have the best odds. The government is not entitled to our money, and even the liberals of Chicagoland know this. If they can stand opposed to direct transaction, why can’t everyone? We don’t just need an end to taxes, we need to remind the government of a similar “sugary drink” tax a couple hundred years ago in Boston. Wake up people, your money belongs to you not to city hall.


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