Why “minarchy?” A primer to the brand.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about political theory and philosophy on this blog. I am going to continue to do so because it is something I have studied, and have a deep passion for. This passion has a deep flaw though, it is by it’s nature almost completely unactionable. Thought, theory, and ideas are wonderful. I firmly believe they make the world keep spinning, but the mind can only do so much.

This is one of the major draws of minarchist thought it in my mind. Minarchy as a philosophy, is fairly set with some pretty clear boundaries. It is in the same stretch of the spectrum as classical liberalism, and is approaching anarchy. It is a belief that the state has only one legitimate function and that is the protection of rights through a monopoly on legitimate violence and to a similar degree justice.

The other draw here is just how practical this is as a school of thought. This is something actionable and attainable. This is a system we have seen to have worked in history. In fact, I think a person could argue reasonably well that these sorts of arrangements however pursued are in fact the norm through out history.

This leads to the final great benefit and fruit of Nozick and others. It does not hem you into any specific form of government, or method of behavior. Rather it shows you what the most desirable state behavior would be and encourages you to work towards by whatever means you have. Minarchy is boiled down to the deeply held belief that the state is dangerous and that dager should be reined and kept in it’s lane.

This is where “the brand” comes into to play for me personally. As I use this blog to advertise myself as a minarchist it gives me the freedom to pursue any possible means to the cleaning up and decentralization of government. 

There are so many ways to go about this. Voting for instance, more and more people are down on it every cycle. These people should read and attempt to understand the mathematical field of “voting theory.” There are ways to change and alter the result without changing the franchise. There is also more abstract options, like working to teach and educate your fellow citizens.

Finally there is the sacred right to revolution, handed over with respect to us by our founders. They understood tyranny and actively cast it off. At the point it becomes unbearable, we have the right to abolish, change, and reestablish it.

This is why we need minarchy. It is the practical clear eyed fusion of philosophy with a concrete non-utopian end goal. I am not a fan of government, by and large. Regular readers will also know that I believe it to be a completely inevitable part of the human experience. If I am right and this is the case, then let us suppress it and allow it no more than our nature demands it. Let us be minarchists that we no longer be ideologues to perfect ideal systems. Let us be minarchists that we may take our fate in our own hands and avoid the nightmares of the oppressive central planners. Let us be minarchists.


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