Don and Steve’s jingoist adventure

Is it just me or is president Trump seemingly desperate to start a war with somebody, anybody? Everybody was afraid it would be Syria early in the administration. Until literally about an hour ago, we were standing directly on the brink with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Now Mr. Trump is considering military options due to the unrest that has resulted from the breakdown in Venezuela. It was immediately pointed out to me on twitter, some what reasonably that there is it at least a veneer of justification here. If Venezuela doesn’t stabilize some how or in some way, there will be oil instability and very probably a sky rocketing in narco-terrorism.

Is this enough to justify yet another intervention in South America? I really don’t see anyway that it does. War fatigue is rife in the United States, nearly everybody is anti war now. We have actively been in the middle east for sixteen years now. Some how there is always a caste among the thinking class that is ready for another war, but the American people will not be able to stomach another wide ranging goalless intervention. The drug war just isn’t going to cut it either, even if it weren’t a war of its own anyways, more and more Americans each day support a decriminalize and treat approach to the issue of drugs. Oil? Really, oil? It might be the most valuable commodity on the planet but it is not worth the price of yet more human lives. No commodity that can be freely exchanged should ever under any circumstance have to cost a life. We can survive a price spike in oil without any doubt whatsoever. Oil prices have fallen internationally for months and years now from record global highs at the height of the middle Eastern conflicts. If they have to climb they will and we can survive it. If they start to become unreasonably high let’s remember that Rick Perry and our Energy Department has been putting the foot on the gas for months now themselves. We are going to be okay here.

So for this and a dozen other reasons we do not need any kind, form, or edition of war or police action in Venezuela. If you are still desperate to intervene and feel a need to stabilize their nation for them, lets talk about ways to do this.

I’m not sure there are actually any good options here either. Things I might be in favor of? Taking all the money we were going to be spending on this war venture and maybe instead funneling directly into relief efforts and charities. If we want to get really wild why not do bombing runs, except drop copies of “Capitalism and Freedom” instead of explosives? Maybe even with little packets of a few American dollars each. Obviously that could provoke riots so take it facetiously but if we want to promote the sort of values that can save these countries maybe just maybe we should try actually promoting these values. Direct investment in foreign infrastructure I think could be worth trying too, traditionally this has only came after occupation maybe out of necessity but isn’t worth at least trying? Really I’m just pleading with anyone who reads this, we have empirical historical proof that war doesn’t solve anything but that legitimately free markets do. Give peace and markets a chance. Give it a chance. They must throw of their shackles for themselves. We can help them, but they don’t need our lives to do it.


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