Heed the name crypto-currency

Anyone who is even remotely plugged into our modern world has seen it happening. It's been one of the big market stories of this year. That is the meteoric rise in the value and usage of bitcoin and secondarily other crypto-currencies. There were plenty of people who were predicting this before it happened and plenty... Continue Reading →


Estonia’s conservative globalist innovation

Estonia has attracted my attention as of late. Credit to the people at futurism.com or it never would have happened. They had an article recently about a concept that Estonia is playing with called 'E-Residency' a concept that I have also favored for some time now. That will be our wider topic for this article.... Continue Reading →

Utopianism is a hell of a drug

There is a case to be made that all strains of libertarian thought are at their root utopian. It even makes some sense when you think about the natural human bias for preferring security and known outcomes over the unknown and risks. This reality makes humans very progressive, so how could they desire a libertarian... Continue Reading →

What is the root of solidarity?

I was in a brief twitter discussion the other day that nearly invoked a literal face palm. It seemed so blatantly stupid I couldn't even respond at the time. I was legitimately stunned by the take that was laid upon me. It was thoroughly absurd, at every level. I was duly informed by a pair... Continue Reading →

The cowardice of a governor

There were many note worthy events at the protest clashes in Virginia this past weekend. I have already taken the time to condemn the barbarity of both movements and will not do so again in this article. Rather here I would like to draw your attention to what I think was the most over looked... Continue Reading →

State enforced culture and civil wars

Yesterday the United States suffered a tragedy. Three people were killed and over twenty others were injured for no reason other than the egos of small minded self-important self-styled revolutionaries. I can't condemn everyone involved in this entire mess hard enough. This is not the poorly named "whataboutism" or "bothsidesism" whatever that even is. It... Continue Reading →

Don and Steve’s jingoist adventure

Is it just me or is president Trump seemingly desperate to start a war with somebody, anybody? Everybody was afraid it would be Syria early in the administration. Until literally about an hour ago, we were standing directly on the brink with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Now Mr. Trump is considering military options... Continue Reading →

The PEFA conspiracy uncovered

Wisconsin rarely makes the national news at all in this nation. It makes the national news even less for political reasons. By and large I am very alright with this fact. Periodically however our fair state crops up as a nerve of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. This only began around the time of the... Continue Reading →

Libertarian friends and conservative opponents

Libertarian friends and conservative opponents, whats a Buckley style fusionist to do? Earlier this evening I watched the live stream of the debate between interns of the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute. It was an enlightening and interesting event by and large but the policies and theories they discussed were not the part that ended... Continue Reading →

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