Promethean Journalism

I have tried to stay away from the story of Trump and Russia as much as I have been able. I think it has been massively over played by the media. Everyone is talking about it, and every talking point has been expressed more times than is worth totalling. However after the latest scoop story published by the New York Times I feel the need to comment on this controversy again. I feel this need because the proglodytes have finally found the fire to go with their continuous smoke.

I have long been skeptical of actual criminal conspiracy between Donald Trump and the Russian government. I have been following the story but until just the past day or so had not seen any convincing proof that they were doing anything other than playing to publicity and fighting with the media out of some instinctive need to fight. It’s just such a Trump thing to do to fight a battle that doesn’t actually need to be fought. 

It all changed with the revelation of Donald Jr’s own email leak. After justifiably hounding Clinton and the DNC over their leaks, the progressives got one of their own that could very well be a smoking gun. If you somehow haven’t heard yet I’ll try and summarize it succicently for you.

 In the summer of 2016 Donald Jr. received an email from someone claiming to both work for the Russian government and claiming to also have damaging information on Clinton that they wanted to leak for the Trump campaign’s benefit. Donald replied that he was very interested in this information and wanted to arrange a meeting. There was also some mention of them being able to send the supposed information directly to Donald Sr.’s secretary if they preferred though they obviously did not take this approach.

This leads to the real bombshell of the story. After these emails were exchanged arrangements were made for a face to face between this alleged Russian agent and some officials of the Trump campaign. According to anonymous sources, these officials were Paul Manafort, who is already known as skeezy and has worked as foreign lobbyist, Jared Kushner and Donald Jr. who was not formally involved with the campaign. After this story broke the accused parties have been spinning it as if there was no “opposition research” material actually handed over and that the meeting was actually about a sanctions law and Russia’s adoption ban.

If this is true this just makes things worse. I don’t think it is wrong for campaigns to discuss foreign policy. I do think it is very wrong for a bunch of amateurs to discuss lifting sanctions after someone claims they can give them damaging information on an opponent. This is a bad look in terms of political optics, and this is a bad look ethically. 

There is no proof one way or another about what really was actually discussed in this meeting because no one trustworthy was there. We can’t trust anonymous sources no matter how much we might want to, and we certainly can’t begin to trust blatant liars. This leads us to a problem of who if anyone to trust. I am leaning towards the anonymous sources, there is simply too much circumstantial evidence building up not to think that there can’t be something to this.

Like the Prometheus of Greek legend the journalist class might finally have brought us the fire to justify all the smoke they have been blowing since the election ended. They might have finally found a proverbial smoking gun complete with prints and she’ll casings. If this is the case, I actually welcome it. I think a president Pence or president Ryan would suit this country and my own policy preferences well. We should all be cautious however because nothing has been settled or confirmed yet.We should all instead wait patiently to see what this fire ultimately illuminates.


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