Make Reality TV Great Again

There has been a trend on social media as of late to compare the Trump administration to some sort of tv show. In a country and culture where we put so much emphasis on entertainment this is a natural outcome. Whether it be Game of Thrones, House of Cards, or The Handmaiden's Tale we have... Continue Reading →


What is the role of the Liberty Movement in the culture wars?

I saw a beef on twitter this morning. What else is new right? Pretty common occurrence, we have all been a part of it, we have all seen it happen. What made this one special to me and what really made me think was the subject matter of it though. A self-described libertarian made a... Continue Reading →

Congress should nominate the cabinet

I had a very interesting exchange with a gentleman on Twitter a few days ago. We were talking about ways that Congress could exert greater influence over the executive branch. I have been thinking about this almost constantly since then. As a result of this, I've begun developing an idea that I think could lead... Continue Reading →

Seriously, who is calling the shots?

Since Mr. Trump came in to office in January people have been trying to figure out the power structure inside the White House. There has been any number of theories and untold amounts of conjecture about just how orders and order flows in Trump land. Very early on it was thought to be a bi-polar... Continue Reading →

Federal service in space

Recently the House of Representatives passed an appropriations bill for the Defense Department and our military. This is a rather insignificant event in and of itself. The House is supposed to do this sort of thing on a regular basis. There was a provision nestled into this bill though that caught my eye and the... Continue Reading →

Does Adam Selene deserve citizenship?

What makes humans special among animals? As a Protestant christian I will always assert that it's a divine mandate from God. The Bible tells us that we are unique among the creatures of Earth, created as the crown Jewel of His creation. The much more common view however is the evolutionary approach. That we are... Continue Reading →

Promethean Journalism

I have tried to stay away from the story of Trump and Russia as much as I have been able. I think it has been massively over played by the media. Everyone is talking about it, and every talking point has been expressed more times than is worth totalling. However after the latest scoop story... Continue Reading →

Zuckerberg, Murray, and the Creativity Economy

Here in the United States and indeed through almost all of the Westernized world, we have a concept called the welfare state. It has existed in various forms and functionalities for many centuries. It is also the quintessential example of bureaucratic inefficiency in everything that it touches. It is directly responsible for our massive tax... Continue Reading →

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