How much fuel do you have?

I had a fairly lengthy twitter argument this evening. I have to say it restored a little bit of my faith in the political system too. That seems odd right? I mean what sense does it make that arguing with strangers online would make me believe in our societal system again. Well let me go ahead and explain.

All of you by now are aware of the existence of a movement called the alt-right. Depending on who you ask they are either nothing more than an interesting social phenomenon with no real impact, or they are the sole reason that we are now stuck with a president Trump. They are generally regarded as being tech savvy though and it’s beyond dispute that they have an outsized social media presence. Some of the more absurd members of this movement even LARP online as something called ‘the Republic of Kek’ or ‘the kekistanis.’

This brings me to the point. My twitter dispute was with one of these individuals. What was illustrative about this was his complete inability to refute any argument that I made. To their credit they never directly insulted me, but that seems to be the only weapon in their arsenal. They have no intellectuals or literature working in their favor. This exchange was proof that their movement is a flash in the pan because outrage and memes do not a philosophy make. Without the ability to call upon any kind of cohesive school of thought or theorist how can they sruvive?

This is also the greatest strength of the true conservative movement. We have hundreds of years ofwell established theory and literature to call on and use when we choose to debate. This is what we need to be doing, we as conservatives don’t even need new ideas, they don’t hurt but they aren’t necessary, the key is to at least embrace what we already have.

This is what gave me hope. The power of debate is still the “Trump” card. There is nothing to fear from these movements on the left or right. It’s time to march conservatives. They have illustrated that they have nothing going for them, but anger and anger never lasts. The alt-right doesn’t have the requisite fuel to exist long term, so press them now while they are strong. I promise they will burn out quickly.


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