A hand overplayed

If you were some how magically unaware the former director of the FBI, James Comey, testified today to Congress. He was expected to be grilled about the Trump and Russia connections. He was also expected to be grilled about his supposed memos. By the end of it he had been grilled about all sorts of nonsense.

By the end of it he had been worked over on all these topics and many more. What was the result of all this? It seemed to have been a whole great lot of nothing whatsoever. Tellingly though there are still lessons to be learned here.

I have been very skeptical of the Times and the Post’s legions of unnamed sources. However today it seemed that more than an average share of their claims rang true. Not all of them were confirmed. Enough of them were however to add a veneer of legitimacy to these reports going forward. 

There also was no real “bombshell” that was dropped in the open testimony. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t one to be unleashed but if it comes now then it will be in the closed hearings. Because of this the odds of us knowing it in a timely manner become quite slim.

On the other hand, this could still mean as I still suspect that there is nothing to actually find. This gets to the point I really wanted to make too. So far, while reports have kept coming, kept changing, and now occasionally being proven true there is still nothing damning to be found anywhere.

Comey did confirm that Trump wanted him to drop the Flynn matter. Comey also confirmed that there was no interpretation of the events signalling Trump wanted him to drop the probe. that was the best, most explosive fact they could weasle out of him. That’s nothing of any significance that we didn’t already know. That was a story that had already blown itself over.

So what does this mean for the probe and for the progressives who demanded and then were given it? They’ve created a monster that they can no longer control and they know it. This is problematic. They must keep pushing it forward and feeding it now, or it will turn and devour them in turn. If they can not bury Trump and his former associates, then they will lose their seats either to Republicans or too even further left progressives who couldn’t possibly function effectively for them in Congress. If Trump doesn’t fall then we will see the rise of a progressive answer to the Freedom Caucus.

Comey couldn’t “ace” the Trump faction this time. Atleast not in open testimony he couldn’t. So it will be on to the next one then. They will find a new scandal and outrage. The Democrats can’t afford to stop fueling their rage machine now.


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