What if there really is nothing to find?

Today I want to play a little thought game with you all. A simple what if, an exploration of what could happen. What happens if all the talk, all the rampant speculation of Russian collusion is just plain nonsense? Or at the very least what if Donald was just a “useful idiot” this entire time, and the Russian moles were actually purged in the run up to the general election? I am not saying that Donald Trump is innocent. I don’t want him to be innocent frankly speaking. No real hard evidence has been presented yet though. The Left finally has their special investigator now though. If there is real evidence it is coming now. So its worth asking the question, what happens if there really is nothing to find?

As of right now president Trump has no political capitol whatsoever. He simply has none. The Republican controlled congress has a little, but not a whole lot more. If this investigation drags on to the end of the year and into the 2018 mid-terms then the first (and probably only) term is dead. I don’t think the Democrats will actually recapture the house of representatives. Their local ground game just isn’t strong enough anymore, but they could gain enough seats to nullify the real seat of Republican power. The Republican agenda already diluted by Trump himself would be completely dead on arrival.

IF nothing comes of this investigation though, IF it concludes quickly then the Democrats immediately lose everything they’ve got. The Democratic party already exists primarily on the coasts and in the huge urban centers, this is known and quantifiable. If Trump and his current cast of advisers is shown to be innocent then they could very well lose large portions of their coastal hold outs. That really wouldn’t amount to so much, those are the fringes and low value areas of their holdings. I don’t think any of their massive urban centers either. They have too much machinery in place in those mega-cities. This would serve to insulate the diluted Republican agenda, which at this point would soar unfettered. No amount of hysterics could stop any component of it if this investigation comes to nothing.

Impeachment is the Democrats desire out come here obviously. They want desperately to be rid of Trump. This is stupid because he has shown himself to be closer to them than to a conservative Republican. Ignoring that though, they seem to think that by being rid of him they will some how removed some great menace to their agenda. If nothing comes of it however he is basically guaranteed a second term if he would like one. If nothing comes of this Trump becomes bullet proof for the rest of his presidency. I’m not saying that the entire country will suddenly love him because they certainly won’t, but there won’t be anything the opposition can do to drive down his approval rating from just over fifty percent if they miss on the Russian issue.

The Democratic Party can not be proven righteous in all of this. Their associates and supporters in the media gave him untold amounts of publicity in the Republican primaries. They buoyed his nonsense over the ideas of all the others. Now they had better examine their own motivations in trying to drive him out. If they are seeking to try and rectify their mistake out of a sense of righteousness then its at least admirable and I can support these calls. But I fear and suspect that this is about a Republican being in the white house and if that is the case they really don’t have a best case scenario. IF Trump is innocent then Democrats are really just going to have to live with him. I hope they are ready for this. If Trump is innocent then the Democrats are in trouble, big hairy trouble.


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