Treason! Nixon! Impeach!

Earlier this week Donald Trump actually fired FBI director James Comey. He did not asked for a resignation, he openly fired him. As people have already noted around the news and media this has happened before. Bill Clinton did this early on in his presidency. Most of the people making this point are trying to make silly unproductive arguments about hypocrisy. I am not going to make that point because it doesn’t do us any good. Instead I’d like to address another thought that has come out of this mess and begun to percolate in the popular conscience. People are now more and more openly calling for the impeachment of Mr. Trump.

There is a whole lot to unpack here. A whole lot of stupid to unpack. Lets start with what I think needs to be stated most obviously, if you actually want to impeach him and then remove him from office then you need some kind of smoking gun. You need hard evidence that something has been done that can fit a congressional definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Many accusations have been leveled at Donald Trump about his connections to Russia. Nothing can directly connect Trump himself to Russia except a highly suspect dossier written by a British ex-spook. There are certainly connections to known Trump associates but the company some one keeps is more a condemnation of their character than it is a guarantee of their own actions. You want to drop Trump then you need to get something hard and fast on him not his associates.

It is constantly floated by progressive resistance members that they have this irrefutable proof that Trump is the devil. So lets pretend just for one moment that they do in fact have this proof. Their next complaint is that they wouldn’t be able to move forward with this because the Republicans control congress and will defend him to the death. This makes me want to ask several questions of progressives. Do you really think Republicans like Trump? Do you think they would prefer him to Pence? And what is actually stopping them, the ‘brand’? These are absurd arguments. Virtually no one in the party establishment wanted any part of Trump through out the primaries. Trump won the primaries on the back of outlandish media coverage and droves of people who had never before and might never again vote Republican. Finally other Republican candidates ran ahead of Trump nearly everywhere in the nation. It’s not the “Never Trump” in me saying this, its the facts. Republicans don’t want anything to do with Trump. He is an amateur hour millstone around their neck. They would vastly prefer Pence to him. With all these things considered why on Earth wouldn’t they impeach Trump if they thought they had a good reason to do so?

To wrap things up here lets also address the charges that Trump is somehow eerily similar to Dick Nixon. I believe that this is nothing more than a manifestation of the desire to see Trump impeached. How could it be anything else when there are no actual similarities between Trump and Nixon? Nixon as has been thoroughly noted and commented on was a savvy operator. Nixon really didn’t have the kind of dedicated mostly unfounded hate and vitriol aimed at him that Trump has. Nixon also had a far worse and less forgivable offence. Nixon from the beginning was actively moving to cover up what was revealed to be legitimate crimes and violations of the law and public trust. Nixon fired people until he found someone willing to dismiss the special investigator looking into him criminally. Trump dismissed albeit with out class someone who works for him. The closest similarity I can find between Trump and Nixon seems to be that they both wear the Republican tag with out being meaningfully conservative in any sense.

I would like Trump gone as much as any member of the resistance would. That is God’s honest truth. If we are going to clear him out though you need to really bring something to the table. Hysterics, conspiracy mongering, and wishful thinking won’t remove a bad president. What will remove him is meaningful evidence of wrong doing. We need sober clear heads, not ranting, raving, and bull s*@! accusations. When you have the proof I will gladly stand beside you I would love to see a president Pence, or even better a president Ryan, but I and every other peace minded citizen in this nation is sick of listening to the constant wailing and shrieking.


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