Drop dollars, not bombs

I'm not sure if any of you have heard yet, but apparently our president is currently on his first trip abroad in his capacity as the chief executive. He is taking his show on the road for a whirlwind tour of the middle East. This makes sense because we have been embroiled immediately and directly... Continue Reading →


There is only one way to MAGA now

Our president Donald Trump loves to talk about Making America Great Again. It was his campaign slogan. It was his message. It became not just the core of his brand but of his being. When he came to Washington he had a cornucopia of options that would let him live up to this calling. He... Continue Reading →

The Shaping: George Washington

For the second installment of the shaping I would like to cover the first president of the United States, George Washington. President Washington more than anyone else on this list serves as a behavioral influence, a guide stone and case study in leadership that I have chosen to adopt. These same lessons I think could... Continue Reading →

Treason! Nixon! Impeach!

Earlier this week Donald Trump actually fired FBI director James Comey. He did not asked for a resignation, he openly fired him. As people have already noted around the news and media this has happened before. Bill Clinton did this early on in his presidency. Most of the people making this point are trying to... Continue Reading →

The Shaping: Martin Luther

Martin Luther has profoundly impacted more lives than can actually be counted. Few people have had the impact on Western history that this monk can claim to have had. He brought the holy bible to the common folk of Germany and the German speaking world. He helped to sunder the secular power of Roman Catholic... Continue Reading →

The Shaping of a Mind

Later this week I will be introducing a podcast companion for this blog. It will be my first attempt at such. As I will need to ease my way into it I plan to start with a simple straight forward subject. I will be devoting the first handful of episodes to speaking about my greatest... Continue Reading →

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