Le Pen at the En(d)

This nationalist and populist nonsense needs to stop. It needs to stop soon. The so called Alt-Right here in the United States loves their conception of “Western Culture” and they love its strong man style defenders. The problem is though that this conception of theirs is rooted in history that was made obsolete by the American revolution and the enlightenment liberalism that it inspired through out the entire world. These rising populist tides through out the world are better described as royalists. They do not want democracies, republics, and government “by the people” what they want are the kings and queens of yesteryear dressed up with our modern titles and mannerisms,

To this point the enlightenment culture that our founding fathers created has endured. As much prominence as these right wing statism movements have gained, they have not gained a corresponding electoral success. Russia can’t be included because they never embraced classical liberalism. They went from the czars to totalitarian “communist” monarchs before finally settling on an autocrat who pretends to hold free elections and rewrites his constitution to read as he needs it to read. Austria rejected their movement this time. The Greek Golden Dawn is gaining but they aren’t ready to make a play yet. Brexit may have succeeded but this was merely a policy decision. It didn’t alter the structure of their own sovereign government. The closest they can claim to actual victory is here in the United States but even our government is assembled in such a way that as long as form is observed then we can’t have a strong man monarchist leader. Our government’s supposed dysfunction is its greatest protection against usurpation of any individual.

This brings us to France. This could be their chance to establish a real beach head in the Western world once more. Marine Le Pen is an absolutist and no friend to liberal values of any kind. France is already a bloated socialist mess. She wants to take it and increase it all. Nationalize the banks she cries. Sounds like a royal treasury doesn’t it? Expand the welfare state she cries. All of our possessions are gifts from the state right? But she does want to expel the immigrants, that’s defending our western culture right? No, that was actually the only and original role of the monarch. The defense of their lands that just so happen to have masses of built in serfs. A victory by Marine and her National Front would not be a victory for western culture to the extent that one even exists. It would instead be a repudiation of it. Le Pen represents a return to standards that haven’t exist for hundreds of years. They haven’t existed for good reason. A Victory by Le Pen would begin the end of the West, not from without but from within.

I don’t think that Macron would/will be any better policy wise. France as a nation is in deep trouble any way things fall. What is a person to do? It is out of our hands now and to be fair as Americans it never was up to us. If you love the western world and really want our way of life to be preserved then pray for France. Pray for them and for all the other nations who must face their inner royalist demons, for these populist demons who stayed sealed away for centuries are coming and they will not be merciful.


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