“We are All Socialists Now”

“We are all socialists now” became one of the most infamous quotes to come out of the Obama era. It was and is true but it was not nearly as sudden, or recent as pundits wanted to make it. This is for the simple reason that human being by our very nature are statist, and instinctively communal. Sometimes we fragment here in the U.S. with a tribal bias towards a political party. However the vast majority of us also rally around the flag in times of national or local trouble. This is simple human nature, and as anyone associated with the Liberty movement or on most parts of the right political wing can tell you its a tough pill to swallow. If you can swallow it at all.

The progress towards more centralization and more concentrated political authority has never yet to this point been reversed. I can think of only two circumstances in which it has ever even been slowed or arrested temporarily. These are the American Revolution and the Glorious Revolution in Great Britain. There may be more, but I would wager there couldn’t possibly be more than five to ten more examples. Further more even these have slowly decayed as we have as Americans began allowing our chief executive, the President to slowly assume governing authority that was never given to him in our founding governmental charter.

This is the key problem for right-wingers, conservatives, and libertarians of every stripe. This seems neigh on insurmountable. This leads to a choice between two options. We can either give in and succumb to the state, acknowledging that we are in fact all socialists now. Or we can continue to strive for freedom whenever and wherever available, constantly struggling and often failing to impress the importance of this message on others.

On Earth these are the only options left available. The only frontier left to us is Antarctica. Perhaps the floors of the oceans if we are being charitable with ourselves. Even here though we are not beyond the reach of government. There are already staked claims of several nation-states on both arctic caps, and protected business interests of theirs on the immediate off shore ocean floors as they constantly seek out and consume new energy sources.

On Earth there is nowhere to flee from the intrusions of our civil and natural rights. There is no way to convince our fellow citizens and indeed humans of the gravity of this tragedy either. It might be a worthy struggle, but there is no possible result that isn’t the abject failure of liberty. Freedom will always be surrendered for security, without exception.

There is however one alternative that is still left to the freedom minded, who dream of an unchained society. That is the rapidly increasing odds that we as humans can become an interplanetary race. We are quickly approaching the Rubicon of intra-system colonization of planets. While even this would be a long shot, a very long one this would still grant us our opportunity to build a more free and just society, if organized as a private venture then there is no way practical way even for the governments of Earth to impose themselves on such a society. Libertarians, I tell you that your future is among the stars. It may seem fantastical and implausible. It may be those things. We must try though because it is the only gamble we have with any marginal chance for success.

Going forward I will be devoting a section of this blog to examining these issues and what we as freedom lovers can do to improve our pathetic odds of making this work. Please join me on this theoretical journey. If we put in the heavy lifting now maybe we can even some day live theses dreams however briefly on the final frontier. For it is on these and all other frontiers that liberty lovers were always meant to thrive.


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