God is a Libertarian

Free will is one of the trickiest and most contentious subjects in all of christian theology. It's hard to reconcile the existence of our ability to make our own choice and affect the impact of anything when you also accept the existence of an all powerful and all knowing creator. If he has already seen... Continue Reading →


In the Heat of the Moment

There comes a moment in every spaghetti western where two or more gunfighters size each other up in the main thorough fare. Hot sun beating down, they unblinking and unflinchingly stare at each other. Their hands are not even inches from their guns. This is the exact moment we are in with the North Koreans.... Continue Reading →

Le Pen at the En(d)

This nationalist and populist nonsense needs to stop. It needs to stop soon. The so called Alt-Right here in the United States loves their conception of "Western Culture" and they love its strong man style defenders. The problem is though that this conception of theirs is rooted in history that was made obsolete by the... Continue Reading →

Liberty on the Margins

Recently I published a piece on how human society may inherently have a socialist streak. While regrettable I am prepared to stand by that claim. Governance on conditions of principle has only ever existed where there is naught else but a frontier and willing idealists. That is why as Libertarians and Liberty lovers in general... Continue Reading →

The “Right” Victimhood

There has been much ado in recent months about middle America, the silent majority, fly-over country or any of a dozen names you have heard. The people who live here and comprise this demographic are white, they are middle class(at best), and if you believe large parts of the punditry they are ignorant. The first... Continue Reading →

“We are All Socialists Now”

"We are all socialists now" became one of the most infamous quotes to come out of the Obama era. It was and is true but it was not nearly as sudden, or recent as pundits wanted to make it. This is for the simple reason that human being by our very nature are statist, and... Continue Reading →

Police Action and Globo-Cop

I am a firm believer in American Exceptionalism. The idea that America is unique among all the nations of the Earth for a variety of reasons. Among these is a foundation of moral principles and ideals instead of the otherwise universal "blood and soil" that creates national identities. The destruction of a Syrian air field... Continue Reading →


Last evening I had the opportunity and ultimately great pleasure of attending David French's speaking event host by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute and co-sponsored by the National Review Institute. It was a cozy little event in Madison at the Madison Club right next to the Hilton and the Capitol Dome. There couldn't have been... Continue Reading →

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