“We’re On To Tax Reform”

I was struggling to decide what I was going to write about next. After the AHCA flopped mere days ago there hasn’t yet emerged another dominant story unless you want even more coverage of the whole wire tap/Russia nonsense. PSA I certainly don’t want that, we have enough hacks out there practicing verbal vomit on those subjects. Then it occurred to me that while some people were nibbling around the edges of it, no one was really truly looking at the political capital aspect of this. Not to this point they weren’t anyways.

As the AHCA was imploding last week a report came forward that The Donald would be happy enough to just leave Obamacare in place if his bill failed. I am huge football fan and these comments reminded me of an almost perfect parallel from the recent History of the New England Patriots. You see if you don’t follow the NFL you could be forgiven for not knowing that their head coach is infamously tight lipped and cantankerous. After a particularly stinging upset he was quipped as saying “We’re on to Cincinnati” signalling his displeasure with the media and his desire to just get on to the next challenge.

This is exactly what Donald Trump has done with health care. If he plays his cards perfectly going forward I think he could be lucky enough to even have a similar result.You see what made this work so smoothly for Coach Hoody is that he knew he still had a great team. He knew that he could still be highly successful going forward. He knew he needed to change the subject and get his team working on the next goal on the agenda. This is also what Trump seems to be doing and indeed must do in order to maintain his blitz.

If Trump chooses to dwell on the issue his presidency will sink. It will sink deep. He has not by traditional standards been given any kind of presidential “honey moon.” If he intends to build one or capitalize whatever he has left of one he must immediately move on to tax reform. This is a slam dunk, a gimme game. I would wager that less than fifteen percent of people want any part of paying taxes. They might want the services but they hate paying for them. So if Trump began moving to reform and reduce the tax burden he could quickly score plenty of publicity and begin rebuilding the popular support that provides the necessary political capital to achieve administrative goals and more importantly to the current President, enjoy high approval ratings. The success of tax reform would continue to snowball as well.

You see while the popular vote may have been close, make no mistake the Republican congress has a mandate even if the president does not. Republican congressional candidates fairly regularly ran ahead of Mr. Trump during the elections. They need to keep their eye on the ball, and take it one game at a time. There is no doubt that they took an early loss on insurance law reform. It’s not even an argument. If they keep winning however and have no doubt that they can, then the “playoffs” or in this case sustained electoral success is theirs for the taking. Listen up GOP “We’re on to tax reform.”


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