“We’re On To Tax Reform”

I was struggling to decide what I was going to write about next. After the AHCA flopped mere days ago there hasn't yet emerged another dominant story unless you want even more coverage of the whole wire tap/Russia nonsense. PSA I certainly don't want that, we have enough hacks out there practicing verbal vomit on... Continue Reading →


Lahren and the Coulter Culture

As I’m sure you have all read by now, a young commentator by the name of Tomi Lahren has been making headlines for a very public flopping of policy position on abortion. These thoughts have been inspired by her situation but I don’t want to address her specifically. Rather I think it would be more... Continue Reading →

Courage and a Better Way

In the Greek and later Roman traditions there was an early golden age of philosophical thought. Virtue and virtues specifically was a constant subject of discourse for these ancient thinkers. One school of thought that was fairly prevalent told us that virtue was derived by moderating all things and centering oneself. Recklessness could never be... Continue Reading →

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