The Media’s (ir)Responsibilities

Lately here in the United States much has been made about the news media. It’s been everything about them their methods, ends, biases, roles, and anything you could possibly imagine about them. Living in the information age this should come as no surprise.We live with the two edged sword of Damocles hanging over our head suspended on a wire of instant access to news and analysis from all over the world. I’ve come to terms by and large with this and have learned to live a world with this kind of burden. An issue from over this inauguration weekend though set my mind to writing about it.That issue was this preposterous “debate” about crowd size that we chose to become lost in.

First of all let’s talk about why this was so stupid in the first place. That’s simple, and the answer is outside of president Trump himself who actually cares about this? The size and nature of the turn out has zero relevancy to anything at all whatsoever. It won’t affect whether or not he is the president. It won’t affect his policies. It won’t affect how long he is president. It won’t affect if people like him. It certainly won’t affect that people don’t like him. So again who actually cares how many people showed up to watch him be inaugurated, or for that matter how many people protested him the next day?

The administration cares though and so does the media.This is the entire problem right here. Liberals have become fond of demanding “fact checking” from news outlets and supposedly honest reporting. This is not unreasonable if it were in fact honest. It isn’t and hasn’t been for sometime however. Liberals have also in very recent months become fond of saying that news providers need to hold the new administration accountable for their words and actions. With this take I also agree. However getting in arguments in the briefing room and choosing to dwell upon the number of attendees is not demanding accountability. It isn’t even rightly called reporting to be fair. For the media to be the watch dog that it must be then it must choose to take up the issues that matter the most and are truly bring the most impact to the American citizens and resident aliens that consume their product, the news. For the media to be taken seriously then they need to talk about policy positions. For the media to be taken seriously they need to go in depth on congressional choices and how they come to the decisions they make. No American NEEDS to hear or read a list of ten most anything. We desperately need news outlets of any kind and persuasion to talk to us about the things that will actually affect us as individuals.

This administration then needs to match and if it so chooses oppose this. Regardless of our new president’s egoism we need to hear from the administration about their real projects and goals. When Mr. Spicer takes the podium, we as citizen’s need to hear facts about the day and the opinions of the administration on the day or issue at hand. If in the course of this Mr. Spicer needs to defend his boss and argue with reporters than this would be to our betterment. This would challenge us to think critically about the news we are consuming and encourage us to come to our own conclusions leading to more informed voting.

This all became rather long winded and rather rant like. To get to the summation and the bones of the matter, the government needs to talk to us honestly about its projects and goals. The media needs to take those projects and goals and report about them honestly so that we can know the true intent of the government, and if they as the media so choose they can take to their editorials and opinion pieces and there they can tell us why the government is wrong. The media has not done this and Trump’s supporters and spokespeople have taken advantage of this. This is our fault as consumers of news and we need to demand better if are ever to receive better treatment from either side of these arguments. We can start this by simply demanding that if they argue that they have real arguments instead of having petulant shouting matches about things that will never matter.


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