Pharisees Redux

I have the past several days been watching the confirmation hearings of Mr. Trump’s cabinet members. Of particular interest to me, was Mrs. Devos the pick for secretary of the Education Department. It is on record that she is a firm supporter of school choice and this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. My parents forsook the local school district after my fourth grade year first sending me to a charter school and then on to a private Lutheran grade school and its affiliated high school after that. In these schools I received a strong education and would not trade it for any other in the world. During the course of this education there was also predictably a religious component. It was during these religious courses that I learned the story, at least as it is told in the NIV, of the the Pharisees.

These people were a group of Hebrew religious and legal scholars during the time of the Roman occupation, before the Diaspora. As it relates to Christ they are the group who went to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, and told him that Jesus was styling himself the Rex Iudae, king of the Jews. This was the justification for his arrest and eventual Crucifixion. I was reminded of these stories as I listened to and watched the hearing.

I am NOT comparing Betsy to our Lord and Savior. I would like to point out some striking parallels in the arc of these tales however.The Democratic Party today has mistaken its progressive agenda and goals for a moral mandate that it has had revoked from it. They like the Pharisees of old have taken what was at one time a calling to lead their nation and corrupted it into an obsession with temporal power that has only harmed the citizenry to which they belong. It is at this time that I will draw the one symbolic comparison between Mrs. Devos and Jesus of Nazareth, one was crucified for preaching a moral message that was mistaken for an assault on civic power and now another such execution is being attempted.

The message of school choice is not about trying to dismantle the failed Progressive choke hold on public education, though it should be dismantled, rather it is about the right to choose for one’s own family. This is a moral message  regarding a family’s rights and interests. Private and charter schools don’t make idiots of our children, they allow the liberty to experiment and succeed with new methods and different educational techniques. They allow for family’s that so choose, and only the family’s that choose it, a moral and dare I say religious component to be added to the most formative years of a child’s life.

The Son of God had to die for our sins in order that mankind could be redeemed before the eyes of God the Father Almighty. After this there ceased being a reason to sacrifice any worthy cause on the cross of failed policy and counter intuitive  government services. As such I plead with any Democrats and liberals who read this, do not strike her down because she seeks power in this world. She clearly doesn’t, she is simply working to allow us to make the choices for ourselves and our families that we would like to make without the central government telling us that we can not.


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