The times are a changin

Its official ladies and gentlemen. We have elected the next president of our nation, and that president will be Mr. Donald Trump. In the several days leading up to the election it quickly became evident that momentum heavily favored him and that the ravings and howling from frothy Fox News hosts were in fact justified. I have been the biggest Trump critic that I personally know. I have opposed him for his campaign policies, I have criticized him for his behavior, and I have found his political waffling over the course of his public life disconcerting. I am a conservative at the end of the day though and this #NeverTrumpOrHillary armchair pundit is finally coming home for the sake of a remarkably conservative congress.

Making this political homecoming easier is our President-Elect’s behavior. Mr. Trump has the past several days been saying exactly the right things. If he had been this man during the primaries and even as late as the general I might have even supported him. He has demonstrated a graciousness and gravitas that I don’t believe has ever been demonstrated by him. Miracle of miracles, it hasn’t just been his mere attitude either. Since accepting the concession of Mrs. Clinton he has even mentioned not just populist but classically liberal policy. I was speechlessly excited when I heard that he had paid lip service both to a national right to carry and to accepting the advice and even guidance from my fellow #NeverTrump thinkers.

Particularly this last point has me optimistic. Trump has seemed to me to be the type to be quite vengeful and to hold a grudge, but if this is an indication otherwise we can only hope to be so lucky. These people if allowed to contribute in a Trump administration are only going to be seeking to help him with the conservative agenda he seems to be effectively proclaiming. They might not support him personally but with a seemingly shared agenda this shouldn’t even need to become an issue.

All these things are better results than any could have possibly hoped for. Conservatives around the nation are giddy right now with the possibilities. As well they should be, literally over night Mr. Tump became the kind of candidate that we all wanted all along. Its hard to believe, sometimes though dreams do come true. I wouldn’t recommend pinching yourself anytime soon lest we wake up from this. Mr. Trump himself is emphatically not the next Reagan. He is not remotely the next Reagan. Functionally however with a united government he can serve as one though. With these things said, now we must hope and pray that it is so.






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