Electoral Stances and Paradigm Shifts


        I have previously written on this site about fear and its seemingly dominant role in this election cycle. I wanted to expand on this thought a little bit and write more about the answer to this phenomenon. I also wanted to plum the depths even further of its pervasiveness in our society. So without further preaching lets begin with a closer look at just how wide spread these storm clouds range over us.

        We have previously discussed how fear created and inspired the support for the candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties in this election cycle. When we open our eyes for even the briefest of moments we can see that it also permeates our culture to the core. We see “fear gear” for the safety of our children and helicopter parents. We see financial ads and most marketing in general speaking to the nightmare of complete loss of wealth and destitution. The greatest fear of the electorate is that the other side is going to strip us of our rights to or ability to obtain the things we want the most. This has led us as a people to only consider how to avoid or destroy the things and people with which we disagree. It is hard to blame people because this the most natural reaction to fear that we have.

        This reaction to fear we can see in every political movement in recent years and stretching back in time through most if not all of Western history. The Occupy movement sought to tear down Wall St and the presence of corporate greed in America and in its politics. The Tea Party movement arose out of opposition to taxation and the desire to eliminate aggressive government bureaucracy. McCarthyism amounted to an actual attempt to purge Communism from the United States government and used witch hunts to do it. Reaching further back we see things like the French Revolution where the upper classes were in some cases hunted and persecuted for nothing but the circumstances of their lives, we also see similar movements during the protestant reformation of the church when the supposed excesses of Catholicism were burned as bonfires in the streets of medieval Europe.

        This destruction leads to things we know as hate and anger. We all see the destruction and perhaps correctly assume it is what the other side wants to see for the followers and believers of the things it tears down. In return people feel the need to reciprocate that behavior and begin to believe that it is what people outside their belief set deserve and the rage builds. This is what leads to war and discord as the hate builds until it boils over without end. In addition leaders and speakers, people who disseminate information and sway opinions recognize the power of all these feelings and exploit them for the ego and material gains associated with swaying the frothing masses of the electorates.

        These are exactly the feelings and attitudes we must recognize and reject in ourselves and in each other as the political beings that we are. Instead we must advance ideas and emotions like hope, a desire to build and be constructive, and the sincerity to embrace people with not just an ethnic or cultural heritage common to our but instead everyone with a human heritage.

        This is the paradigm shift we must have and it all begins with Hope. Hope is the seed that grows within all of us and allows us to aspire for more. Hope is what lets us see a challenge or trouble before us and dream of what the most positive out come can be. Hope is the urge to seek the best in everything around us and it is this function that is so crucially important. We desperately need this ability to visualize and imagine what we are capable of being. When we allow our dreams, not nightmares to guide us we can and do realize that we are able to accomplish anything that we can see in these Elysian Fields of our mind’s eye.

        Next would then follow the commission of these hopes, and the beginnings of construction. I see the aforementioned seeds of hope blossoming across the landscapes of our nation, springing up as gifts to our fellow citizens. Acts of creation naturally bring with them new beginnings and emotional cleanses for the people around them. As creation rises around people they also naturally want to build within themselves leading to growth as individuals and the realizations we need to take our next step. First also as a corollary this is also why we should do everything we can to create an environment that nurtures industry and gives it a chance to grow.

         Finally as we the people witness the joint powers of hope and creation, I firmly believe there will follow immediately after a desire to share this wealth and these opportunities. Using these we can embrace our fellow man and demonstrate to them a better way forward for everyone.

        In closing I would ask that these thoughts not be dismissed as some silly flights of fancy, or of leftist globalism. As Americans, we believe that all men have the self-evident right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; fear, destruction, and hate do nothing to promote these things and indeed operate against them. It is intrinsically American to help ourselves and each other. The government by its very nature coerces us to share what we have with others but when we have the moral fortitude and courage to willingly share without compulsion, we then have the blessed chance to grow together and generate more wealth both physical and emotional for all parties involved. We as humans have allowed pessimism and negative emotions to govern us through all of recorded history. It is a very tall order but it is time to begin rejecting these conceptions and to choose the things that allow us to grow as individuals and as a civil society, the same things that we already hold self evident.



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