Their Words Matter

I was blessed with an epiphany recently. It was an understanding of one of my greatest problems with Mr. Trump. It is actually quite simple too. The words our politicians say matter, they matter a great deal. In fact they are the thing about them that matters the most because their words are their actions. Their is a saying that I and many others are fond of that actions speak louder than words. However, for politicians their actions are words.

It came to me like a divine bolt of inspiration, first in the form of a question. “What do our leaders do, and in fact what have they always done?” The answer is that they speak, they speak and talk to us. Occasionally they change things up and they write either to us or to each other. The authority that they have comes from written documents and the authority that they exude comes from the documents that they write. It has been centuries since leaders of any kind in the Western world were expected to do any ‘dirty work’ of their own. They work and operate through orders, commands, and instruction. This is the reason why Mr. Trump must be accountable for the things he has said and the remarks he has made. If and possibly when he is in office these things will become his actions and by being a participant in politics they to a degree already are. They can not be shrugged off and apologized for as if he will act differently, because he in fact can not act differently. He is already acting.

This is not just a condemnation of Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton is equally if not even more guilty of this violation. Most politicians in this modern age are, it is difficult for it to be any other way. In an age of sound bites, ‘got-cha’ journalism, and most of all ‘hot takes’ we make it almost impossible for these men and women to standby their word. There can be no excuses though they need to accountable to themselves for their words and they must be accountable to us even more so for their words because words are the only actions they have. Going forward I will keep this ever forward in my mind as I consider and analyze the people I would choose to support and endorse. I would encourage you all to do the same, politicians can not be accountable for their actions up until we understand that their actions are just words and we thus treat every word as if it is a command or a bill of law.



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