In an election cycle like this one courage has become a hard virtue to come by. There is in fact a severe dearth of it in our nation. Nearly everyone is horrified of what will happen come November, refrains from both the political Left and Right ring out that the other side’s candidate spells the downfall of America permanently. Whether this comes from a despotic orange xenophobe, or from a corrupt globalist killer doesn’t even matter anymore because it is guaranteed to be the final watershed moment of our nation.

This is why it is more important now than perhaps ever for us as a public to have courage and to over come our national fears. Before going into how to act with courage, or what courage itself entails it needs to be understood just why we need it. The world will not end in November regardless of who wins. The world will not end in November regardless of who wins. The world will not end in November regardless of who wins. Some one will win though and at that time there will be more than just a few upset people across North America. These people will be angry and irrational, and even if they weren’t the people who are not angry and hurt will gloat, exult, and could very well try to rub it in the face of those who are still upset and convinced that this is going to be the end of us. This will be the most tenuous and stressful time of this entire cycle. All through out but especially in that time is when we will need to summon all the courage that we have, and with this understanding we can now talk about what exactly all this means.
Courage is often thought of as lack of fear. It’s what makes heroes great, the ability to look danger or hopelessness in the face and over come it.

These are not the only components to courage however and they are not even the most critical ones. The most critical and important part of courage is simple, it is the ability to summon calmness and reason under adverse circumstances. True courage is a zen and an understanding it is the ability to not ignore fear but instead to look past it and see what can come beyond it. Courage in like the face of a mountain in a wind storm and too many of our fellow Americans have chosen to be sand dunes swept about by the hurricanes and storms of uneasy and uncertainty. Further more courage is a blocking of fear, its a method and a means of putting it in its place, and burying it in the dark corners of ourselves where it always comes back from.

When we are able to harness this zen and this mental compartmentalization as a society regardless of our political persuasion, this is when we can come to terms fully with this election and find our way through it as a united country. The Executive branch of our government is constantly and illegally expanding its power. It is not and never will be all powerful though. The president might set our direction, but the will of the people and our beliefs will always set the President’s. As such we need to understand that we need to remain calm and understand our circumstances, we need to summon whatever collective zen we have, take a deep breath and realize that we are in control and that our fear of the other side is unjustified. They are not evil and they do not want to end us, they are simply wrong, misguided, and in need of a reasonable discussion about what is right.This courage needs to lead us to having the courage to sit down and talk with each other about why we are afraid and helping our neighbors to banish their fears if they are unable themselves.
Only courage can save us from ourselves and each other.

It is all we have left and we must draw upon this courage before its too late. We the people still hold the power here in the mighty United States of America and its time to use that power to have a frank and rational discussion about what we want our future to hold. Look past the fear, it doesn’t rule us and no amount of fear mongering from the Left or the Right can ever be allowed to cloud our view of what we are as courageous and hopefully rational Americans.


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