Electoral Stances and Paradigm Shifts

          I have previously written on this site about fear and its seemingly dominant role in this election cycle. I wanted to expand on this thought a little bit and write more about the answer to this phenomenon. I also wanted to plum the depths even further of its pervasiveness in... Continue Reading →


Their Words Matter

I was blessed with an epiphany recently. It was an understanding of one of my greatest problems with Mr. Trump. It is actually quite simple too. The words our politicians say matter, they matter a great deal. In fact they are the thing about them that matters the most because their words are their actions.... Continue Reading →

The Primacy of Ideas

As human beings we have all been blessed with a higher consciousness. We have the ability not just to feel, but to reason as well. This also leads us to one of our greatest burdens however because it then becomes necessary to distinguish between these two concepts.While they exist simultaneously within us they can not... Continue Reading →


In an election cycle like this one courage has become a hard virtue to come by. There is in fact a severe dearth of it in our nation. Nearly everyone is horrified of what will happen come November, refrains from both the political Left and Right ring out that the other side’s candidate spells the... Continue Reading →

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